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These are the members of spotlight. J.P, Kanna, Evan Austin, and Kibz.

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Current Spotlight Ent. members-- Evan Austin, Kanna, JP, Kibz

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Yo guys this is Kanna, AKA Kurt Carroll and im in the crew Spotlight Ent. I started rapping when i was about 12 (in 2008)
i live in Massachusetts, Medford to be specific. and i love to write, and sing my lyrics into the mic we have.
writing to me, is basically a time to pour out what you feel, on a piece of paper or your phone, or your computer When i write down my lyrics, i usually either type it on my notepad on my phone, or i will type it on my computer and save the verse to a document i have that has all the verses i have made and thought was good.  People will obviously hate on me and make fun of me for what i do, because i dont really care if they hate, at least i know  they listen because i have this moto, that i go along with when it comes to wanting to do this for my career
"if you have haters, your doing something right" I believe in that because its true though, every famous singer/song writer today started out at the bottom. And most likely had haters. then as you get to do it more over time, you get better.
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Evan Austin

Evan Austin and i am in Spotlight Ent. I started rapping when i was about 11 years old.  At that time I wasn't really that good, but I keep working and now im getting better.  But i am not where i want to be yet.  I have to keep working.  
I living in Medford, Massachusetts. Music is a hobby to me, but right now it's feeling like a life style.  Being through adversity made me better and made me know this is what i want to do for my life.
Favorite Quotes:
"It was all a DREAM" - Notorious BIG
"Only God can judge me" - Tupac 
"Change Hip/Hop Forever" - D.G.
"Love what you do, and don't look back" - Evan Austin

Music is my life. This is how I want it to be.

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-Evan Austin


Ayo its J.P. i started to write down lyrics this year of 2010. At first i was suppose to make beats and not rap but then i was asked to make a verse and i liked that more. I guess i had never really tried it out because i thought i sucked. And with my first song I got some help with friends. I started to like writing and i got in to it. This is starting to be my life and everthing is about music. I guess my life isn't all that hard but not all that easy either.  Yeah so theres not that much more to say about me so Peace! watch the youtube videos and tell me what yu think. always looking for some help from anyone. and thanks for listening to us
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-J.P aka Joe Pedro


whuss good its Dj-Breakz i got tht name becuz the first time i hoped on a set i broke the turntable...been fucking around in every genre of music...been giigin it up making my paper....pratice makes perfect thats a fact...BOOKING INFO:

Cell: 617-955-5130